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How To Make Your WordPress Website SSL Secure…For Free!

Upgrade your WordPress sites (as many as you want!) – No Matter What Web Host You Use!

If you want to upgrade your WordPress sites to “https” – SSL secure – without costly annual subscriptions or one-time fees, then read this page now…because I’m going to show you exactly how to do it…

SSL Genesis is not like other SSL products you may have seen…

For one thing, there are no hidden costs.

There’s no need to buy SSL certificates. You get them free (for as many sites as you need)

You won’t need to resell this as a service just to cover ongoing SSL certificate costs!

It’s Easy To Do

If you can log in to your WordPress dashboard…

And if you know who hosts your domain name…

Then You Can Do This!

The whole thing takes less than an hour…

And once you’re done…you’re done!

You won’t need software or magic powers to make this work.

What I’ve discovered here is the “minimalist” method for securing websites!

Plus…it doesn’t matter what web host you use.

As long as your WordPress site is self-hosted, then you’re good to go.

No worries if your current web host does not support Let’s Encrypt…Mine doesn’t either! 

This method works with any host.

In short, what I show you inside the course gives you:

…better rankings in Google

…higher conversions because customers trust you

…the “green padlock of approval” by your web address in all the popular internet browsers…

…secure communication over the internet